InfoWorld: Korean start-up works hard to pocket Linux

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“We’ve been working every day for the last two years,” Lee said,
but the former semiconductor engineer employee isn’t weary. The
reaction to prototypes of the company’s first product, a
Linux-based PDA (personal digital assistant) with the offbeat name
Yopy, at the CeBit trade show in Hannover, Germany, in February,
has him and the rest of Gmate’s 30 employees walking on air.”

“It was amazing,” Lee said. “We were preparing for 1,500 people
to visit our stand, but we estimate more than 6,000 people came.”
At the stand, visitors were drawn to the Yopy — a hot little
handheld computer running on the Linux operating system which
offers a sharp 4-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) panel and access
to the Internet — and which can even double as an MP3

“The company is hoping to launch the Yopy in late June or early
July and is targeting a price somewhere between $400 and $600.
Officially, it’s aimed at business professionals in their twenties
and thirties, but the Yopy looks like it may become a big hit among
computer programmers and systems engineers because of its Linux
base. Gmate officials at CeBit discovered that the idea of being
able to carry Linux in their pocket appeals to many users.”

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