Kuali Develops Open Source Financial and ERP Applications for Universities

“Financial and ERP applications are arguably the last bastion of
proprietary software giants, but the Kuali Foundation wants to
eliminate those remaining barriers to open source enterprise
systems, at least in the educational realm. Kuali is a nonprofit
collection of colleges, universities, commercial companies, and
consultants who hope to ‘bring the proven functionality of legacy
applications to the ease and universality of online services.’
Kuali’s first project, Kuali Financial Systems, is already working
on its 3.0 release, scheduled for the end of this year.

“Kuali is the Malaysian term for wok, an indispensable kitchen
utensil in Asian culture. Kuali Executive Director Jennifer Foutty
says she isn’t sure where the name came from, but she hopes the
Kuali project applications in time become indispensable for
universities around the world…”