Learn Linux, 302 (Mixed environments): Trivial Database files

“Summary: Samba uses Trivial Database files to store both
persistent and temporary data as part of its job integrating file
and print sharing between Linux and Windows. In preparation for the
Linux Professional Institute Certification exam LPI-302, learn all
about the Samba Trivial Database (TDB) format that Samba uses to
store information, how to look inside TDB files, and how to back
them up.


“In this article, learn about these concepts:

* Backing up Samba Trivial Database (TDB) files
* Restoring TDB files
* Identifying TDB file corruption
* Editing/listing TDB file content

“This article helps you prepare for Objective 310.3 in Topic 310
of the LPI’s Mixed Environment specialty exam (302). The objective
has a weight of 1.”

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