Linspire: Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies: Linspire ‘Fact Sheet’ Coming Soon

“After failing to get any response from Linspire as to why they
are not holding annual shareholder meetings, I asked them publicly
to do so in my last blog, in a hopes that pressure from customers,
partners and shareholders would encourage them to do the right
thing. I hold a fairly large amount of Linspire stock, but I remain
in a minority position with about 100 other shareholders. Not only
has Linspire not held a shareholders meeting, but to this day, they
have not even responded to my inquiries with so much as a “we’ll
get back to you on that.” Their lack of responsiveness only
heightens my concern with Linspire’s present management and the
company’s future prospects.

“During the discussion that took place in the thread of my last
blog, someone quoted Ron Paul’s statement ‘Truth is treason in the
Empire of Lies…'”

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