Linux: Bacula is for Everyone* (backup software)

[ Thanks to Gene
for this link. ]

“In all honesty, I am still a Bacula novice. However, I am not a
backup software novice and can already see, based on my slightly
over two weeks of working with Bacula, that this is some excellent,
well designed and well documented software. Bacula is also complex
software and takes a willingness to study and learn before one can
get one’s mind around how it all works.

“It can be daunting to begin working with Bacula if one is
completely new to business backup systems, especially enterprise
grade business backup systems. But with some study of the Bacula
documentation, experimentation with several non-critical test
backups and the Webmin (Warning!) Bacula module, the work to get
several PC systems backed up on a regular schedule can be much
easier. In my experience, it is easier than running something like
Retrospect Express, a typical small business backup solution, on
each PC.”

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