Linux: Updating BIOS on an Old SCSI Controller

[ Thanks to Gene
for this link. ]

“One of the old parts is an Adaptec 29160 SCSI controller that
will host a used Maxtor Atlas 10K4_36LWS 36 GB SCSI drive and a
used Seagate ST173404LC ~80 GB SCSI drive. The Seagate, having an
80-pin connector, has an adapter to get it to work with the 68-pin
cable for the Adaptec. When I got the “new” server assembled and
booted it to run the SCSI disk utilities and reformat the drives,
the controller saw the Seagate drive as a 4 GB drive. This just
would not do. I needed a BIOS update for the 29160 controller which
Adaptec supplies as an .exe for extraction and use with a bootable

“Here’s the problem, my new PC systems all are built without
floppy drives. The motherboards do not even have floppy controllers
on-board. I have been meaning to buy a USB attached floppy drive
Real Soon Now™ for about 2 years and never have. I am doing
the work to replace the server this weekend because the old system
cannot even be backed up at this point. It gives SCSI errors and
reboots if lots of disk calls are made sequentially, which happens
when streaming data to the backup server. So, I need to get this
server replaced now, today.”

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