LinuxNews.com: Linux Passes the Relay Baton into China, Korea

[ Thanks to mhead for this link. ]

“Linux continues to make inroads into the Far East, with
contributions ranging from embedded devices and wireless services
in Korea to hosting the number one Olympic Web site in China–and
the operating system’s (OS’s) Asian enthusiasts seem eager to put
Linux’s muscle behind big business operations.”

“Shawei.com, a popular Chinese sports site that hosted last
summer’s Euro 2000 soccer matches, is currently drawing 20 million
hits a day for its Sydney 2000 Olympic Web cast… Linux is
continuing to make technical strides and community contributions in
Korea as well, where PalmPalm Technology has scheduled a technology
forum September 21 on “Integration of Embedded Linux and the
Wireless Internet. … Chinese software developer eSoftBank’s
Strategy E*Linux launch, announced September 14–and partnership
with IBM–is intended to bring Linux’s configurability to companies
making the transition to the Internet.”

“…Big Blue… announced at the end of August that it would be
infusing $200 million into Linux development in the Asian-Pacific
region. In the last few months, Chinese-and-Korean native Linux
distributions became available (Chinese Penguin64 and Haansoft
Linux), and China’s own Bluepoint Linux, bolstered by surging
sales, has announced the launch of a new product line and expressed
interest in expanding into the set-top box market.”