LinuxStockNews: Rants and Raves [Eazel and Nautilus] for April 24, 2000

“By now you may have heard of Eazel, Inc (private). If not, you
will soon. The company just announced that it has received $11
million in funding from Accel Partners, a prominent venture
capitalist. Eazel, Inc. is developing the next generation Linux
user interface. The company is staffed by a number of ex-Apple
employees who were responsible for designing the Macintosh GUI.
Eazel, Inc.’s code will be integrated with the GNOME Linux desktop
and is expected to propel Linux on the desktop to the next

“Eazel, Inc. continues a trend that is becoming commonplace with
the Linux operating system. A group of highly talented individuals,
that believe in open source software development, finds an area
where Linux has some weaknesses, and sets up to overcome those
weaknesses. In the process, they not only enhance Linux, but
will likely develop code that is head and shoulders above the
equivalent functionality contained in all other operating

“Eazel, Inc. is set to leapfrog the Linux user interface into an
extremely user friendly, Internet focused experience. In the
company’s initial press release, Michael Boich, president and CEO
of Eazel indicated, ‘We have gathered a uniquely qualified group of
software architects, Linux experts and industry veterans to tackle
the issue of Linux usability on the desktop? Our goal isn’t to
recreate what we did 15 years ago. It’s to combine a next
generation desktop with Internet-based services to deliver a
superior user experience.'”


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