Microsoft’s Love for Linux Deepens Year after Year

“Microsoft’s love for the open source Linux operating system
grows deeper and deeper with each passing year, fueled by
increasing demand for interoperability in heterogeneous
environments and via a method designed to deliver intellectual
property piece of mind. While in May 2007, Microsoft, through the
voices of General Counsel Brad Smith and Vice President of
Intellectual Property and Licensing Horacio Gutierrez, accused the
free and open source industry of violating some 235 Microsoft
patents, the Redmond company is now celebrating its one-year
anniversary of the landmark agreement it inked with Novell in
November 2006. One year later, the Redmond company claims that
consumer interest for what its has to offer on the Windows-Linux
front together with Novell is by no means toning down, but instead
actually gaining momentum…”

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