Mobile Business Intelligence: The Next Big Thing

“As a result, he sees laptops eventually going away, replaced by
devices like his Dell Streak. “I think we’re about to see a burst
of innovation,” Dresner told eCRM Guide.

“He’s predicting “dramatic growth over the next two years” for
mobile BI, with small businesses leading the way. He also sees
mobile BI catching on with large companies, as the benefits of
timeliness overcome concern about security. He cited the retailer
Guess as an example, which switched from Research in Motion’s
(NASDAQ: RIMM) BlackBerry platform to the iPhone and iPad even
though the company was comfortable with RIM’s security.

“Business intelligence is one of the most compelling mobile
apps, he said. “It gives us the latest information where you are,”
he said. “It’s no longer an excuse not to know.”

“Among mobile devices, the iPhone and iPad are the most popular
for mobile BI, while Google Android holds some promise, and it’s
too soon to see if Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will be able to crack
the mobile BI market, said Dresner.”

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