NewsForge: UK Open Source Consultancy Provides Services for Free

“OpenAdvantage is an IT consultancy based in the West Midlands
region of the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, OpenAdvantage
deals strictly in open source software solutions, providing its
clients with everything from a basic introduction to open source,
to custom development services. The best part? It’s all free–free
as in beer.

“The United Kingdom is divided into nine Regional Development
Agencies (RDAs) for the purpose of local economic development and
regeneration. Each RDA receives a budget with which to fund
programs and initiatives that it determines will enhance that
region’s economy and infrastructure. Advantage West Midlands, the
RDA under whose jurisdiction OpenAdvantage falls, has furnished
OpenAdvantage with enough money to enable the company to provide
all of its services gratis to businesses within the region…”