Open Source Desktops May Not Happen for Small Biz

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“For all the talk of how open source software is
kicking butt and taking names in the cloud space (see: Red Hat,
Ubuntu, Novell) and in embedded space (see Android, MeeGo), there’s
one area where open source has consistently fallen woefully short:
providing solutions for small businesses.

“This is a weird sort of failure, too, because on the surface it
seems like open source software products–with their collective low
price tag, solid support, and better security–would be a perfect
fit for the needs of smaller businesses, which often need
superlative computing capabilities but can only afford the
least-expensive hardware and software due to budget

“Yet, to date, there have been few serious efforts to push open
source software into the small business space.”

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