OrangeCrate: Novell: Patient Men, Proper Conduct

“Novell has been acting admirably in their ongoing litigation
with the SCO Group (the lawsuit formerly known as Linux distributor
Caldera International). I have to tip my hat to the fine way that
they have engaged this legal battle. They have refused to be drawn
into the tit-for-tat bashing that the SCO Group have been using to
hype their case since its inception with IBM.

“If there is an example of how to conduct oneself in the midst
of litigation, Novell is setting that example. Although they could
have easily chosen to act as unprofessionally as others have done
to date, they have instead chosen to take the high road. Simply
put, they have chosen to keep quiet about their impending
litigation and acted with proper advice from counsel. They have
chosen not to come out swinging with press release upon press
release with wildly contradictory statements about nebulous
concepts that they hope no one would ever understand…”


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