Red Hat-Ubuntu Pairing Would Have Potential

“I’m starting to see some big potential for symbiosis between
two Linux and open source leaders: Red Hat and Ubuntu. Red Hat’s
departure from the consumer desktop Linux market comes at the same
time Ubuntu continues rolling in the same market with the release
of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron this week. The latest Ubuntu also comes
in a server version that continues distributor Canonical’s
aspirations for enterprise servers. While it has been a struggle to
sign OEMs for pre-installation, Canonical appears to be on the
right track with regard to certification from the biggies. Still,
Ubuntu’s server challenge is a big one, and it comes in a Linux
market where Red Hat rules the roost.

“All of this is happening at a time when the use and management
of server and desktop computers is coming together through
virtualization and continued mixing of operating systems and
server/desktop deployment…”

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