Review: GNU/Linux Utopia 12112010

[ Thanks to Prashanth for this link.

“Reader Manuel kindly asked me to write a review of a
distribution he has created called GNU/Linux Utopia, and I am doing
that right now. Available on SourceForge, it is a feature-packed
Slackware (64-bit)-based distribution tailored for Spanish-language
users. As I do not know Spanish, it was interesting for me to see
just how well I can navigate a (literally) foreign environment
using only what I already know about Linux DEs. Plus, this is my
first experience testing a distribution based on Slackware, the
oldest surviving Linux distribution today. I wasn’t really sure how
this modified or built upon Slackware, so it also gave me an
opportunity to possibly see what it’s like to use Slackware. Follow
the jump to read about the rest of this experience and to see if it
really is a GNU/Linux “utopia”.”

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