Shell scripting for system administrators: beyond the basics

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“In an earlier article, we studied the fundamental
aspects of shell scripting and covered topics such as redirection,
variables, arithmetic expansions and control constructs. In this
part, we will focus on more advanced concepts that are useful for
system administrators and software developers…

“This article originally appeared in issue 92 of Linux User
& Developer magazine.Shell scripting for system administrators:
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“A working knowledge of shell scripting is vital if someone
wants to become good at system administration tasks. Since this
tutorial tackles topics that assume a basic understanding of shell
scripting, we strongly urge you to take a look at our Shell
Scripting: The Basics article first…

“One important aspect of shell scripting is file-oriented
utility. A file-oriented utility is basically used as a filter in a
pipe. We can add a ‘-‘ to get a more useful result. That is, when
we have ‘file -‘, the shell waits for the user input and analyses

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