Taking Care of Business with 12 Great Android Apps for Enterprise Users

“While Android smartphones were initially targeted at the
consumer market, with the release of Froyo/Android 2.2, they’re
increasingly making their way into the enterprise — and several
Android applications are now available that are specifically
designed to meet business users’ needs, covering everything from
document scanning to task management.

“Although many of these Froyo apps are free, remember that you
can uninstall any paid Android app within 24 hours of your initial
purchase for a full refund — so go ahead and try any of the below,
with no commitment.

“Android Widgets
One of the key strengths of the Android operating system is the
ability to display widgets on the home screen, providing easy
access to a wide range of information without having to open an
app. One of many useful widgets is Pure Calendar (€1.49),
which offers a highly customizable and comprehensive view of
calendar information in just about any size, taking up as much or
as little of your screen as you’d like.”

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