Top 10 MySQL GUI Tools

“Most relational databases, with the notable exception of MS
Access, are comprised of two distinct components: the back-end,
where the data is warehoused, and the front-end, a user interface
for communicating with the data component. This type of design is
quite clever, as it parallels the two-tier programming model that
separates the data layer from the user interface and allows the
makers of the database software focus on their product’s strongest
suit: data storage and management. It also opens the door for third
parties to create rich applications to interact with various
databases. Such products include Embarcadero Rapid SQL and Oracle
SQL Developer. Here are ten outstanding graphical interfaces for

“1. Workbench

“Manufacturer: Sun Systems/Oracle Website:
Price: FREE
License: GPL License
Supported platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux”

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