VAR Business: Integrators Wrap Up eToys’ Site For the Holidays

“With a holiday sales revenue of more than $80 million and a
customer base surpassing 1.5 million, it’s safe to say the 1999
holiday season has left executives at eToys Inc. simply giddy.”

“But don’t let the happy-go-lucky facade fool you. In fact, it
took a multimillion-dollar investment-not to mention the support of
many channel players-to give the company the leading role in 1999’s
holiday toy story….”

For the company’s Web-based apps, eToys chose to stay with
a Linux platform, calling on VA Linux Systems
, Sunnyvale,
Calif., for support in integrating Linux servers to the new data
warehouse infrastructure. “They have been a very good partner and
provided us with the support we needed to get through the holiday
season,” says Grau.”