VARBusiness: The Linux Race Is On Full Speed

“We are not assuming that NT is getting ready to melt, simply
that Linux is attracting more attention than anyone expected. Some
of this is, no doubt, at the expensive of other, older (and
proprietary) versions of Unix. But some could come at the expense
of future Windows NT sales. It could also be replacing systems such
as AS/400s, DGs and VAXes, many of them at the end of their life

What’s a VAR To Do?

If you’re a Unix VAR now, find out if your Unix vendor has a
Linux strategy. Jump on the bandwagon. If he or she doesn’t, you
need to find a complementary Linux vendor.
Look at it this
way: You already have Unix skills; you want to make the investment
to extend them to Linux and take advantage of the premium price
that will bring.