ZDNet: Berst Alert: Enough Already: Jesse Says Breaking Up is Easy to Do

“After Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled Microsoft broke
antitrust laws, we got a lot of gum flapping from Microsoft about
its freedom to innovate. Message to Bill Gates: Nobody believes you

“If Bill Gates was truly interested in fostering innovation, he
not only would have agreed to split up his company, he would have
helped. He would have created three great companies: One for
Windows, one for applications and one for the browser and Internet
Services. I’ve told you before why such a move would actually be a
good thing for Microsoft.”

“Instead, we’re seeing the Justice Department and others
floating all manner of break-up plans. … I still think my
solution makes the most sense, but see what you think about the
numerous remedies on the boards:

Division according to corporate reflexes. This
plan creates three separate but familiar divisions within
Microsoft: Arrogance, Vaporware and Silly Helpers (think Microsoft
Bob or Clippy). This split would come easily for the company and
would require virtually no government oversight.”


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