32BitsOnline/NewsBytes: First Sat-Delivered Internet To Debut Mar. 5

“This Sunday, Mar. 5, will see the world’s first rapid- install
two-way satellite-delivered Internet service being unveiled by
Tachyon in Orlando, Fla.”

“The two-way satellite Internet service, known as Tachyon.net,
will route high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) calls via a series of
geostationary satellites, allowing data rates from 300,000 bits per
second (bps) through to two megabits per second (Mbps) from almost
anywhere in Europe and the Americas.”

“The firm, which says the service will be available on a
guaranteed 10-day installation cycle anywhere within the coverage
zones, calls the Tachyon.net connections Tachyon Access Points

“Service availability in Europe and the Americas is

“Newsbytes understands that Tachyon.net will deliver high-speed
IP traffic from a “sweet-spot” on the ISP backbone – the point
wired straight into the Internet’s highest-capacity channels –
going directly to end-users.”

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