4MLinux 24.0 GNU/Linux Distro to Arrive March 2018 with GCC 7.1, Linux 4.9 LTS

Development of the 4MLinux 24.0 operating system was kicked off two weeks ago with the release of the 4MLinux 24.0 Core Beta edition, on which 4MLinux 24.0 is based, as well as any other GNU/Linux distributions created by the developer, including TheSSS, 4MParted, 4MRescue, Antivirus Live CD, and BakAndImgCD. Shipping with up-to-date core components, the 4MLinux 24.0 Beta is now ready for testing, powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.9.52 kernel and GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 7.1.0 compiler, which is used by default for all the apps included in the distribution. You can study the list of pre-installed packages for more details.