A Beginners’ Guide to Installing Arch Linux

Arch Linux, the ultimate frontier! Well, the funny thing is that Arch Linux become some sort of a scarecrow for many Linux beginners, especially for those who were ???trained??? into Ubuntu or other ???Linux distribution for the average Joe or Jane.??? And that because of the kinda painful installation process, which we’ll try to simplify in this tutorial.

However, the truth is that once you install Arch Linux, you’ll get a lightweight and flexible (do-it-yourself) Linux distribution, designed as a Rolling Release, which means that you won’t have to upgrade every 6 months to a different release like some popular Linux OSes do these days. You install once and you update you system on a regular basis.

Arch Linux follows the KISS principle: Keep it simple, stupid! It will keep your system up-to-date and on the bleeding edge, so you won’t have to wait six months for a new kernel.