And Ballmer Blathers On

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“After reading an InformationWeek article about Steve Ballmer
suggesting, yet again, that GNU/Linux users–or at least the Red
Hat users–owe Microsoft money for violating patents he, yet again,
refuses to disclose. But Ballmer is missing something–or maybe I

“Yes, boys and girls, here we go again. I’m beginning to wonder
if this latest Ballmer claim is really news, or if it belongs on
Fark.com. It’s very reminiscent of the holiday traffic reports you
see on the news. ‘There’s going to be traffic.’ Every so often,
Ballmer says we owe Microsoft money just to be sure Microsoft gets
some more press, and hopefully, some newbie will hear it for the
first time. I’m honestly surprised any reputable site would
continue to carry such reports as news. Still, let’s consider, once
again, how Ballmer blathers on.. and on… and on…”


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