Anjuta IDE 3.10 Beta 1 Is Available for Testing

Anjuta IDE 3.10 Beta 1 is now linked with librt on all Linux operating systems, it uses GtkSearchEntry for the search entry in the search view, adds support for the libvala 0.22 library, removes the GTK button from the image settings, it no longer uses a shadow for the scrolled window, updates the POTFILES.in, and it fixes the help text color.

Moreover, some widget name fixes were also applied, AnjutaCellRendererDiff has been added to libanjuta, the glade catalog has been updated, diffs of uncommitted changes are now displayed in the status view, stash diffs are now displayed in the stash pane, stash numbers are no longer displayed on diff rows, and the command bar will no longer be displayed if the Tasks button is not active.