antiX 13 Has LibreOffice 4 and Linux Kernel 3.7.10

Dubbed Luddite, antiX 13 uses Linux kernel 3.7.10 and it’s based on the Debian Wheezy repositories, as of June 1, 2013. It includes various up-to-date applications, such as the LibreOffice 4 office suite and the Iceweasel 22 web browser.

But that’s not all, as antiX 13 also features improved boot times, as well as faster and safer shutdowns and dynamic fstab, especially for the Live media, SpaceFM desktop integration, support for the Btrfs, XFS, EXT2 and JFS filesystems in the installer, customized live boot menu, improved live remaster scripts and the addition of the MuPDF PDF reader.

antiX 13 incorporates four window managers, such as Fluxbox, JWM, wmii and IceWM, which is the default one. Applications like EPDFView, osmo, Claws Mail, XMMS, Streamtuner2, GNOME MPlayer, Rox-filer, Gucview, Synaptic Package Manager, and Yad are also available in this release.