Arch Linux-Based ArchEX Distro Now Shipping with Deepin 15.5 Desktop, LXQt 0.12

Powered by the Linux 4.13.12 kernel, ArchEX 2018 Linux distro is the first of its kind to offer users the recently released Deepin 15.5 Desktop, which we have to admit that it’s a gorgeous user interface. The developer previously shipped Deepin 15.5 Desktop in his ExTiX 18.0 GNU/Linux distribution. In addition to Deepin 15.5 Desktop, ArchEX 2018 also comes with the more lightweight LXQt 0.12 desktop environment for those seeking an alternative that’s more friendly with their older hardware. On top of that, the new version includes the Calamares 3.1.8 graphical installer to install ArchEX on your personal computer.