Bad Voltage Live at SCALE 13x

As regular readers of my blog will know, I rather like the SoCal Linux Expo, more commonly known as SCALE. I have been going for over eight years and every year it delivers an incredible balance of content and community spirit. I absolutely love going every year.
Other readers may also know that I do a podcast with three other idiots every two weeks called Bad Voltage. The show is a soup of Linux, Open Source, technology, digital rights, politics, and more, all mixed together with reviews, interviews, and plenty more. I am really proud of the show: I think it is fun but also informative, and has developed an awesome community around it.

Given my love of SCALE and Bad Voltage, I am therefore tickled pink that we are going to be taping Bad Voltage: Live at SCALE. This will be our very first show in front of a live audience, and in-fact, the first time the whole team has been in the same building before.
The show takes place on the evening of Fri 20th Feb 2015 in the main La Jolla room.
The show will be packed with discussions, contests, give-aways, challenges, and more. It will be a very audience participatory show and we will be filming it as well as recording the podcast, ready for release post-SCALE.
So, be sure to get along and join the show on the evening of Fri 20th Feb 2015, currently slated to start at 9pm, but the time may adjust, so keep your eye on the schedule!