Can you replace a computer with your mobile

Android phones have reached the point where they have similar specifications in terms of CPU and Ram than most budget laptops, but are held back for phone centric tasks. The truth is, your phone is ready to replace your laptop or desktop if you give it a chance.

I am no stranger to the ideal of using a phone to replace most computing requirements, I love my Galaxy S5 and every chance I get to hook it to a screen and keyboard I do, but the Android UI is not great for larger screens.

I have been watching Ubuntu Convergence and MaruOS, which are both viable options but are not actually released at the moment, which lead me to look through the Play Store to see what was on offer.

Whilst browsing the Play store for a new app to test, I came across Debain No Root, which for all intended purpose is a full linux distribution within android. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cuntubuntu

The apparent idea of this, and boasted by a few online videos I have seen, is that you can connect to your screen with a MHL Adapter and connect a blue tooth mouse and keyboard to. Although it’s not a Full Version of Debian, it enables you to use certain debian features via an emulation layer.

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