CanYa Acquires BountySource Open Source Bug Bounty Exchange as ICO Enters Final Week

Combined platforms introduce blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments into the first
peer-to-peer open source bug bounty platform to ensure transactions are safer, more reliable
SAN FRANCISCO, CA & SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — December 20, 2017??? — CanYa, the company
pioneering an alternative way of finding work in the gig economy, today announced it has acquired a
majority stake in San Francisco-based startup and open source developer platform for bug bounties. True
Global Ventures are the early seed investors of Bountysource and will remain a shareholder.
???This is the perfect timing to double-down on open-source software and bounty-hunting. With blockchain
protocols soon to power the world, there is now a huge expectation that software be open and contributed
to by the community. Bountysource will be the portal and a major repository of open-source software and
audited smart contracts.???
CEO CanYa, John-Paul Thorbjornsen
Bug bounty programs allow software-powered organizations to identify severe vulnerabilities in live
systems fast, and at a fraction of the traditional cost. Founded in 2004, Bountysource is the first and
largest peer-to-peer platform created by developers for developers, creating a marketplace for developers
to work for bug bounties on open source software. Under terms of the deal, Bountysource will integrate
CanYa’s blockchain-powered platform. Initial plans include reducing user fees, improving user experience
and accepting multiple cryptocurrency payments including the CanYaCoin, Ethereum and Dash.
???As we have seen increasingly over the past year, exploits and vulnerabilities can hide in plain sight,
requiring more vigorous scrutiny of smart contracts versus other types of code. With CanYa,
Bountysource will now be the best place for blockchain teams to validate their smart contracts before
publishing them live.??? CanYa CTO, Juan Suarez
By focusing the CanYa platform and CanYaCoin cryptocurrency on Bountysource’s bug bounty
community and its tens of thousands of users, CanYa will strengthen its ecosystem with the nearly ,000
hackers and developers active on the Bountysource platform. CanYa has built a strong community of over
8,000 users in local peer-to-peer services in Australia since early 2016. Canya.io applications are now
available on Google Play and Apple Store. This partnership will allow Bountysource’s bug bounty hunters,
ethical hackers and open source developers to save up to 10% on transaction fees using CanYa.
???Bug bounty programs have proved to be the single most efficient, cost-effective solution for finding
security vulnerabilities in live software, but securing those payments to developers located all over the
globe have long proved a difficult issue. With CanYa, we improve settlement speed, provide multiple
cryptocurrencies and make an important source of income for developers a more secure transaction. We
are thrilled to work with CanYa to strengthen Bountysource and move to the next level of acceptance and
Director and Founder of True Global Ventures, Dusan Stojanovic
The CanYa ICO is currently underway with a total of $8m of its targeted $10m ICO already raised. CanYa
will be the first Decentralised Autonomous Organisation for peer-to-peer services available globally. For a
prospectus, briefing or to contribute to the ICO go here https://sale.canya.io/ . CanYa will have no
geographic or financial boundaries while offering a 20x disruption in price when compared to traditional
incumbents. Ultimately, CanYa will be powered completely by its users and their resources.
Web: https://canya.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/canyacoin
Telegram: https://t.me/CanYaCommunity
Contribute to the ICO: https://sale.canya.io/
CanYa is the world’s first blockchain-powered marketplace of peer-to-peer services that helps people find,
book and pay for local and digital services. The CanYaCoin powers the ecosystem and will help
accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by providing a meaningful reason to spend
cryptocurrencies on services.
Bountysource is the first dedicated crowdfunding platform for open-source software. Created by
developers for developers Bountysource bug bounty programs allow open source software-powered
organizations to identify severe vulnerabilities in live systems fast, and at a fraction of the traditional cost.
The Bountysource community-oriented global marketplace has tens of thousands of active developers.
Founded in 2004 in San Francisco, the company has been funded by international super angel fund True
Global Ventures. For more information on how to set up projects or bounties for open-source projects,
visit www.bountysource.com.