Chakra GNU/Linux Users Get KDE Plasma 5.9.2 and KDE Applications 16.12.2, More

Yes, we’re talking about the KDE Plasma 5.9.2 desktop environment, KDE Applications 16.12.2 software suite, KDE Frameworks 5.31.0, and KDE Development Platform 4.14.29, all of which can be found in your Chakra GNU/Linux’s repos if you want to run the newest KDE software. The “more” in the article’s headline means that the Chakra GNU/Linux users have received a lot more other updated components besides those distributed as part of the KDE Plasma, Applications, and Frameworks. These include ALSA 1.1.3, FFmpeg 2.8.11, Wine 2.2, GStreamer 1.10.3, Vim 8.0.0142, and Mozilla Thunderbird 45.7.1.