Cinnamon Goes 2D, Diminishes Mate’s Relevance

Annoucned via the Linux Mint Blog, Cinnamon 1.6 becomes official. It comes with a full compliment of new features and improvements to existing ones, including;

Workspace Names
Cinnamon 2D
Configurable Alt-Tab
Keyboard Navigation
Expo Grid View
Configurable Panel Heights
Scale, Expo, Brightness Applets
Windows Quick-list
Notifications Applet
Also, Mint has officially unveiled Nemo, Linux Mint’s fork of Nautilus 3.4.

I certainly have not had many kind words to say about the Linux Mint distribution in the past, and not much of that has changed. But what is on offer here is certainly compelling and also indicative of a nearly mature desktop environment that is lacking less and less in critical features.

The most peculiar – and most sane – new feature is the inclusion of Cinnamon 2D. I say this because the aim of Cinnamon is to retain sane interfaces with a Gnome 2 like look and feel. Adding support for systems that cannot – or for people who will not – run Compiz, this is a real boon, but what about Mate?