Collabora Developers Have Contributed over 100 Patches to Linux Kernel 4.8

You’re probably wondering right now what exactly Collabora’s engineers added to the Linux 4.8 kernel to make it better, and we’re happy to report that they managed to add support the Alea I Random Number Generator, improve audio support on the RK3288 ARM architecture System on Chip (SoC) from Rockchip, address a memory leak on the Bluetooth stack, and add Explicit Synchronization for Buffer Sharing. Moreover, they added fence_array support, removed many of the legacy functions from drm_irq.c, added various improvements to the ASoC subsystem, in particular for the TPA6130A2 and MAX9877 drivers, enhance the uvcvideo driver by improving the bytes per line calculation on YUV planes, add multiple improvements to the NFC digital layer, as well as a new helper for the ChromeOS Embedded Controller.