CoreOS Linux Is Now Based on Kernel 4.7, Build 1122.2.0 Ships with Docker 1.10.3

CoreOS 1122.2.0 is now the latest stable and most advanced version of the GNU/Linux distribution, powered by Linux kernel 4.7, and shipping with systemd 229 init system, rkt 1.8.0 App Container runtime for Linux, Docker 1.10.3 application container engine, fleet 0.11.7 distributed init system, as well as etcd 0.4.9 and 2.3.2 service discovery tools. Now, there are also a bunch of improvements in CoreOS Linux 1122.2.0, such as the re-implementation of the sdnotify-proxy package, journald was made more flexible to ENOSPC errors, systemd-networkd offers a better nameserver option parsing, rkt is built without the TEXTREL section, and systemd received timer execution calculation improvements.