CruxEX 3.3 Live USB Is Based on CRUX 3.3, Ships with Linux Kernel 4.9.9 and LXDE

CRUX is usually known as a very lightweight GNU/Linux distribution designed for the x86_64 architecture, targeted at experienced Linux users, and highly optimized to run on older PCs, but Arne Exton made his CRUX-based distro even more light and user-friendly by installing the LXDE desktop environment by default. Taking a closer look at the pre-installed applications, we can notice that CruxEX 3.3 comes with the Mozilla Firefox 51.0 web browser, GIMP 2.8.18 image editor, GParted 0.27 partition manager, File Roller 3.22 archive manager, Wicd 1.7.2 network connection manager, and the Nvidia 375.26 proprietary graphics driver.