Distro Astro 3.0.2 released

The latest incarnation of Distro Astro, Linux for Astronomers, has been released to the universe on May 1, 2015. This release, now at version 3.0.2, contains many fixes from the 3.0 release, codenamed Juno.

Distro Astro is a complete Linux solution for astronomy including telescope control, dome planetarium projection, astrophotography tools, data analysis using IRAF or Python/AstroPy, and educational tools like event prediction and simulators.

The Distro Astro team would like to thank Richie Jarvis for hosting the ISO and Raymund Ang for the hosting the website and repositories.

Special thanks also to Matteo Manzo Manzoni, ASTROtrezzi.it, Roberto Tom??, John Barber, Starseeker, Chris Samuel, and Jack Gallimore for their contributions to this version.

Distro Astro is a Linux distribution made specially for amateur and professional astronomers.