EE Times: Unix Beats Back NT In EDA Workstation Arena

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“A scant year ago, Windows NT seemed like a shoo-in to nip at
the heels of Unix as the operating system of choice for
workstations. Both CAD applications and the particularly
hard-to-crack EDA market would tilt toward NT, many analysts

“But based on the evidence of recent weeks, such optimism seems
to be waning, despite the fact that many new workstation models
from the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, IBM and Silicon Graphics
offer a choice of either NT or Unix.”

“Surprisingly, the biggest buzz surrounds a newcomer without a
heavy-hitting corporate parent — the Unix-like Linux operating
system. Synopsys ported its VCS simulator to Linux earlier this
year, and Avant has ported its Polaris tool as well.”