Exchange Windows with Linux for free

SSLUG (Denmark/Sweden) has an alternative to Windows Refund

Thanks to Claus Sørensen,
PR Manager at SSLUG
for this story.

SSLUG will
exchange Windows with Linux for free instead of marching to the
local Microsoft offices at Windows Refund Day Februrary 15th.

Not only can users get Linux for free — we will also install
Linux for free on their computer if they bring the computer

This will take place at Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, Copenhagen
March 9th at 7pm.

Peter Toft, president of SSLUG
says: “Microsoft will not give us money back — that is bad, BUT
instead SSLUG will offer to trade the Windows CDROM for a free
Linux CDROM and install Linux on your machine”.

Happy Windows Refund Day everyone ;v)