Ext2: Automating interactive tasks with expect and crontab

Thanks to Rob Kennedy for
this link.

“If you find yourself once a day manually grinding through a
large FTP session to either upload files to a particular directory,
or to manually download them from somewhere, or if your bandwidth
only allows efficient downloading of large files when there’s
nobody there, including you, then this article will be of some
assistance to you.”

“Expect and it’s graphical cousin, expectk are extensions to the
TCL/TK languages.”

“Expect in it’s simplest form, can be used effectively with only
two commands, expect and send.

“This article will focus on only the basic features of

“The flexibility of expect combined with the power of
crontab can have a lot of work done for you by the time you come in
in the morning with your bagel and frappuchino.
Linux’s value
can be greatly enhanced in the enterprise by a little creativity
with powerful tools like these.”

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