FedoraNEWS: HOWTO: Building Skippy RPM package for Fedora Core

[ Thanks to Thomas
for this link. ]

“Skippy is best described as a full-screen task-switcher for
X11. It tries to provide an alternative when taskbars or regular
task-switchers aren’t the most efficient way of switching tasks
(like when you have a lot of applications open). When activated
(currently only through a hotkey), it will arrange and scale
snapshots of all windows on the current desktop and it’ll let you
pick a window using a mouse or a keyboard. It’s very similar to
Apple’s Expose.

“In this article, I’ll be using skippy version 0.5.0 on Fedora
Core 2 as an example and you will find pre-compiled RPM packages
for FC1 and FC2 at the bottom this article…”