Forbes: Letting go of Lego

Thanks to Les Connally
for this link.

“AS ROBOTS GO, Grrr is top dog. It can heed verbal commands, wag
its tail and distinguish blue from green. Told to “get food,” Grrr
motors around and stops when it finds a few small sheets of blue
paper. Told to “find home,” it putters along until it locates a
lone green square.

“Pretty impressive–especially given that Grrr is made up almost
entirely of Lego building blocks. But this pup’s powers didn’t come
from Lego Group…”

“Grrr, instead, is but one of many fantastical Lego inventions
spawned by the “open-source” movement…”

“But there is a difference between Linux and Lego. The company
didn’t release its chip design or source code. Enthusiasts
unraveled the RCX’s secrets and posted them on the Web–without
Lego’s permission.

“Many corporations would have sued…”