GNOME 3.7.5 Brings a More Complete Classic Mode

GNOME 3.7.5 comes with the following updated applications: Devhelp, Evolution, Empathy, NetworkManager, Epiphany, Nautilus, Tracker, File-Roller, Orca, Rygel, Seahorse and a couple of games. Among the main components of GNOME 3.7.5 the following were updated: GNOME Boxes, GNOME Chess, GNOME Clocks, GNOME Color Manager, GNOME Documents, GNOME Klotski, GNOME Mahjongg, GNOME Mines, GNOME Calculator, GNOME PackageKit, GNOME Session, GNOME Online Accounts, GTK+, Glib2, Pango, PyGobject, Mutter, gvfs and a few other core libraries.