How to Check If Your Linux PC Is Vulnerable to Meltdown & Spectre Security Flaws

For several months now, the industry has been working on patching these sever vulnerabilities affecting CPUs made in the past two decades, but while many vendors are still updating their software and operating systems against Meltdown and Spectre, we’re still not there yet, as one of the security researchers responsible for the discovery of these hardware bugs said, “Spectre will hunt us for years.” Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, openSUSE, Linux Mint, Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS, CoreOS, and numerous other popular GNU/Linux distributions released kernel and software updates in the past two weeks to mitigate both Meltdown and Spectre attacks. Intel and AMD also pushed microcode firmware updates to partially protect users against the Spectre vulnerability, which is harder to fix than Meltdown.