How to install ISPConfig 3 on your Ubuntu VPS

In this tutorial we will explain to you how to install ISPConfig 3, a free web hosting control panel on Ubuntu VPS.

ISPConfig 3 is an open source hosting control panel for Linux which is capable of managing multiple servers from one control panel. ISPConfig is licensed under the BSD license.

Single and Multiserver Management. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more. It is very easy to use and comes with a bunch of features by default to allow you to host and manage your websites with ease on your VPS.

To start with the installation you will need to log in to your VPS as ROOT via SSH. Once you are in the first thing you need to do is to downloads the package lists from the repositories and ???update??? them to get information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies. It will do this for all repositories and PPAs. To do that just type:

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