How To Roll Your Own 13.04 Ubuntu Gnome Remix

Well now that news is out in the wild that Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 is now an official Ubuntu derivative, you’re probably wanting to test it out. Problem is, there is no ISO for it. That makes it pretty hard to try it out??? We were expecting to find an ISO ourselves after the news broke and came up short, and because of that, we decided to simply ???roll our own???. Seriously, no hacking required. These simple steps will have you up and moving with Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 in no time whatsoever! ???And the best part is, you won’t have to install it alongside Unity or any other desktop operating system. Now that that’s covered, let’s get started! Daily Driver To get going with this project, we decided to start with the Ubuntu Server daily build. A bare-bones and completely up-to-date 13.04 install image is just what we need to make a plain-jane single-scoop vanilla install of Gnome Ubuntu. Get it here. What’s different about this version of Ubuntu from the standard desktop version? This disk has a text-based installer and let’s you use tasksel during the installation process to decide what your server’s identity is going to be. If you’re unfamiliar with the server installation process, we can run through it here quickly.