Investintech.com Releases Able2Extract 8???The First Ever Cross-Platform PDF Converter

Dear Linux Today,

How are you? I’m Reena Cruz from Investintech.com, a leading PDF solutions
provider. I’m aware that your Linux Today blog is an authoritative one in
the open source and Linux niche, and by reading the informative content
you’ve been publishing.

Thus, given your extensive experience with Linux and software in
general, I wanted to reach out and introduce you to the latest release of
our PDF conversion software tool, Able2Extract PDF Converter 8.

This new version is the first ever cross platform PDF converter that is
compatible with Windows, Mac, and, for the first time ever, the Ubuntu and
Fedora distributions.

Combined with its custom conversion features, Open Office output options,
and user-friendly interface, Able2Extract 8 can provide users with a more
intuitive way to convert PDF documents without having to use complicated
command line scripts.

That being said, we were hoping you could test it out for yourself and your
readers, and perhaps lend your expertise on it in a review? I’m sure that
any sort of feedback from you on Able2Extract 8 will be appreciated by any
Ubuntu/Fedora/Linux user who is curious about it.

You can find more details here: http://www.investintech.com/resources/blog/archives/2998-introducing-the-first-universal-pdf-converter-on-the-market-able2extract-8.html
Or watch a brief demo of it: http://goo.gl/XCsDO

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
If interested, I can send you a free license key for review.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Reena Cruz