IRS Targets Open Source, Android Outprices iPhone & More???

Mr. Ballmer probably also doesn’t want us reminding you this doesn’t mean that sales of Windows 8 have now outpaced sales of Vista. Although we don’t know for sure, we can only assume that Vista still has more total sales. Remember, Vista was so unpopular that many people bought boxes with Vista, only to take advantage of the rollback feature that allowed users to go back to the future and magically turn Vista into XP. Also, many Vista users immediately upgraded to Windows 7 as soon as it was released, when reviewers pronounced it didn’t suck as bad as Vista.

In other words, more people are using Windows 8 now than are using Vista now, but the Redmond gang probably still has miles left to go before total sales of the OS with the UI formally known as Metro outpaces sales of Vista. Does this mean that Windows 8 is even less popular than Vista? Not according to Mr. Ballmer. He’d like you to know that Windows 8 is like Dan Quayle – still gaining acceptance.