It’s like New Relic but for apps! Thousands of Meteor developers use Kadira to debug & get real-time performance

Meteor is the fastest way to build modern apps, and thanks to tools built by the Meteor community, it’s also incredibly easy to test and debug them in production. Meteor’s Kadira — a performance monitoring solution already used by over 1000s of Meteor developers – and just like Meteor – is free. If you are running a Meteor application in production, you can Kadira here.

Kadira shows you what’s happening in your Meteor app in real time. It’s built by Arunoda Susiripala of Meteorhacks. Kadira provides a dashboard with key, live-updating metrics such as PubSub response times and memory usage, and its trace explorer allows you to easily debug errors in context or inspect slow methods. Arunoda has written an introduction to Meteor performance optimization for the Discover Meteor blog and has more resources for you at the Kadira Academy.

About Meteor

Meteor builds an open source web programming framework that was built for anyone to use in order to build complex, desktop-style apps in the browser. Meteor apps can run on phones, tablets, desktops, and anywhere else a web browser runs. Unlike other JavaScript libraries such as Backbone or Angular, Meteor allows coders to build the server side pieces of their apps using JavaScript. This cuts back on the amount of coding developers needs to do and also makes it much easier to put more of the complex pieces of the app on the clients??? side. This is great for making apps more responsive and making them run offline.