ITTIA DB SQL Puts Big Data on Mobile and Embedded Devices

ITTIA announces the big data capabilities of ITTIA DB SQL, a modern database for smart embedded systems with limited local resources. With this unique technology, a large data set can be distributed across a wide array of devices, with the potential to store millions of rows per device. Applications can then run queries on individual devices, or pool data together in a back-end system for data warehousing and data mining. In this way, developers benefit from highly reliable embedded database software with a strong track record in mission-critical systems.

In recent market evolutions, developers of applications for embedded systems – including medical devices, industrial automation, automotive software, and mobile tablets – often encounter serious data management challenges in which a large amount of data is collected and accumulated at different locations. Typical queries required by end users of these systems are not easily met.

The development and implementation of new embedded solutions introduces high demand for big data management on devices that would have been stand-alone in previous hardware generations. Now, as these devices become part of a networked and connected ecosystem, the complexity of data management and system connectivity makes it difficult to find and query required data without configuring data distribution to replicate between devices or synchronize with a back-end RDBMS product.

With ITTIA DB SQL, device applications can continuously exchange selected local changes with other interested devices and servers. Data produced on the device or retrieved from other systems can be locally queried for rapid decision-making, ensuring that each device functions autonomously. Local queries are not interrupted by a background data exchange, which is important for maintaining responsive user interaction.

Embedded ecosystems are generally composed of many devices that divide up a big data problem. Some data is private to each device, while other data is shared with select peers. ITTIA DB SQL uses replication and synchronization to efficiently distribute local data with other devices and back-end databases according to the application’s business logic and policies. Any number of peers can participate in replication, allowing an ecosystem to scale up as more devices are added.

Devices in an ecosystem often run on a variety of platforms and processor architectures. ITTIA DB SQL keeps these devices connected with a cross-platform approach to data management. ITTIA DB SQL supports ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, and x86 architectures for applications developed on Windows, Linux, Android, QNX, ThreadX, ??cOS-II, VxWorks, and more – even with a custom file system and no operating system.

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